I TRAVEL FOR The Stories

Shweta Ajwani

“Sometimes reality is too complex. Stories give it form.” – Jean Luc Godard

… and no matter how complex the reality in Great Britain gets, I know, that the stories hidden in its pubs, on its streets, in its castles, over its bridges, among its people, will give it form.

I want to go to Great Britain:

  • to say Hello to its weather and understand why it sits in gloom
  • to get cozy with a book at a roadside café and take in its sheer simplicity and beauty
  • to befriend the bartender at the local pub, whilst he tells me how the old man met his wife
  • to take a walk along the banks of the Thames at sunset and realize how precious that moment is
  • to be afraid and yet, cross its magnificent bridges, because, if not now, then when
  • to wake up in the morning and wonder if I would be lucky enough to bump into Her Majesty The Queen

Ever since my class 5 teacher told me about the Big Ben, I have wondered what it would be like to stand in its shadow and listen to the bell ring. I want to stop wondering about it and actually live it; that’s why I want to travel to Great Britain.

Everyone who knows me well, knows that I love travelling by train, and if I don’t get on the London subway (the world’s oldest), then have I even lived my life? I want the answer to this question to be yes, and that’s why I want to travel to Great Britain.

Few know about it, but I do have a bucket list (to which I’m always adding things to do and striking off things that I’ve done). One amongst the list is, to eat Fish ‘n’ Chips at a local restaurant in London. I want to strike this thing-to-do off my list, and that’s why I want to travel to Great Britain.

I grew up listening to bedtime stories by Mom. Stories about huge white castles that stood tall, lush green farmlands that extended for miles, the red phone booth that braved the wind and the rain, and ancient charcoal city buildings that hid countless stories within them.

Back then, I was only imagining the white of the castles, the green of the farmlands, the red of the phone booth and the mysteries of the city buildings. Today, I want to turn my imagination into reality, and that’s why I want to travel to Great Britain.

It’s not just Great Britain I want to travel to, I want to travel the whole world! It just so happens that ‘now’ seems the time for Great Britain, and you seem to be the one to make it happen for me :) Let me hear its stories – told and untold, and then, let me tell them to the world, so everyone knows about Great Britain and the magic that awaits them.