I TRAVEL FOR The Unexpected

Soumavo bhattacharya

Travel is something like exploration for me. Be it even the simple journey from Kolkata to Santiniketan where my parents stay or to Visakhapatnam for a solo tour. A photo enthusiast and an avid adventure lover i like to travel to the unexplored territory and take the roads less travelled. Trekking,hiking and camping being my favorite. Britan is a mixture of emotions..from 221B baker street to fantastic beasts we hv a lot of connection. From greenwich to kohinoor to oxford street ,heritage,enigma,love and passion get mixed up in a whole plot as we think of it. I would be visiting great britain as a traveller photographer and ofcourse as a curious tourist to know abt the stories of the people and the buildings and come back to write it all down with my experiences and my heart .